deep TMS for Depression

FDA approved treatment for depression

Depression is one of the leading causes for disability and poor life satisfaction. Most commonly used treatment modalities for clinical depression are psychotherapy and medications (antidepressants). However, antidepressants and psychotherapy does not work in everyone. Additionally, many are not able to tolerate medications. Scientific studies indicate that approximately two thirds of people with depression do not get satisfactory response with the first antidepressant medication they try and each subsequent medication trial is less likely to help than the first.

There are several other options for such individuals who do not respond to such initial treatments. Some of these include combination of antidepressant medications or addition of a non-traditional antidepressant medications. Other  options includes electroconvulsive therapy (ECT or shock therapy). However, ECT is invasive and requires the individual to be under anesthesia while receiving treatment.

A non-invasive option for individuals who do not respond to medications alone include transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). There are two types of TMS – a figure-8 coil type and a deep TMS. Figure-8 coil is relatively superficial in reaching the brain structures that are targeted and is prone to targeting errors. deep TMS reaches relatively more deeper and targets the relevant prefrontal brain areas involved in depression. It is an effective FDA approved treatment for patient who have failed drug treatments.

If you have tried multiple anti-depressants with inadequate results, then deep TMS therapy may be for you.

For more information about deep TMS click here: BrainsWay

Please call (770) 615 0226 for more information. If interested, you can also fax a completed screening form for TMS ( Screening Form for TMS ) to (770) 800 2018.

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