GeneSight Gene Testing

GeneSight is a genetic-based laboratory-developed test that analyzes a person’s DNA, and matches it with known pharmacology about how medications work, to help healthcare providers develop an individualized treatment plan for their patients. The GeneSight report uses color-coding to show which medicines may be more likely to work for a patient based on his/her genetic makeup. GeneSight gives Dr. Singareddy important information to help plan your treatment. With this information, Dr. Singareddy can get you on the right medicine faster with fewer unwanted side effects.

Dr. Singareddy uses GeneSight to analyze your genes and then matches the information about your genes to a list of medications that may be available treatment options for your condition. The report gives Dr. Singareddy additional insight to help select the medications that may work best for you. The test is easy to administer and takes about five minutes. Your DNA is collected using a simple cheek swab.

Our office will then send your sample to the GeneSight clinical lab to be analyzed. Once the results are received our office will schedule a consultation with you. During this consultation, Dr. Singareddy will go over the results with you and discuss the recommended treatment plan.


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